Order Samples

Order green coffee samples of listings in the Marketplace.

Requesting an estimate

1. Navigate to marketplace from the left side of the home page 2. On the marketplace page, choose your favorite coffee 3. On the right side of your chosen coffee, click on request estimate 4. Fill out the request for an estimate form and click request estimate at the bottom of the page.        […]

Finding a seller

1. Navigate to the marketplace from the home page  2. From the lists on the top of the page click shops  3. List of all verified coffee sellers is available on this page  4. Choose the coffee seller you want to contact. At this step, it is possible to directly send an estimate or contact […]

Ordering Samples

Samples can be ordered in 110g of green coffee from the CropConex Marketplace. CropConex helps dispatch the coffee samples for faster shipping to buyers in the United States. If you need more than 110g samples, please notify us. If you need the samples to be shipped roasted, please notify us with your order. 

Request an Estimate

Interested in purchasing a coffee from the Marketplace? Request an estimate to begin negotiations with the seller.