What is CropConex?

CropConex is a supply chain management platform and marketplace for green coffee buyers, sellers and service providers.

Who is CropConex for?

CropConex offers an end-to-end solution that digitizes operations across the entire ecosystem. We engage the entire supply chain from farmer to roaster. In addition to a marketplace matching buyers with suppliers, CropConex offers a suite of digital tools — for inventory, logistics, storage, payments, and more — to facilitate the movement of the product from […]

Is there a minimum order size?

CropConex offers a new way to buyer, sell, and move coffee across the global supply chain. We do not have a standard minimum order size and each seller can determine their minimum order volume when creating their coffee listing in the Marketplace. Many sellers offer as low as single bag orders, shipped directly from origin. […]

How can I buy coffee on CropConex?

Browse the the CropConex Marketplace to view the current offerings from Ethiopia.  To order samples or request more information from suppliers, you must sign up to our waitlist to Create and Account. Someone from our team will contact you to complete the onboarding process.  Coffees available in the CropConex Marketplace have been highly reviewed by […]

Which markets do you operate in?

CropConex is currently working with sellers (farmers, cooperatives, and exporters) from Ethiopia and buyers (importers and roasters) in North America. We will be expanding operations into more regions soon! 

How much does it cost to use CropConex?

On CropConex, we offer our supply chain management SaaS platform for free and process a fee on bookings and transactions in the marketplace. We align incentives with our users and only benefit from our users when our users benefit from the platform. 

Where does CropConex operate?

CropConex is launching in 2022 with Ethiopia as our primary supplier market and the United States as our primary buyer market. Next year in 2023 we will expand our supplier and buyer markets, stay tuned!

Does CropConex directly sell coffee?

No, CropConex does not trade coffee directly. CropConex is an integrated marketplace and supply chain management platform that helps specialty crop buyers source from quality vendors and book export logistics services through a network of verified providers. Our mission is to simplify, centralize, and automate complex trade processes to power agricultural supply chains that are […]


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