Managing estimate requests from buyers

Buyers can request estimates for your coffees from the marketplace

When a buyer requests an estimate, you will receive a notification and you can view your requests in the “Requests” tab of the menu. 

  1. In the “Requests” tab, view new requests with the “Requested” status label. In addition, for new requests “new price request” notifications will be received. 
  2. On the Request details page, review the buyer information, the pricing information, and confirm the total costs associated with their order. 
  3. After reviewing the order details there are options to “Accept the price”, “offer a new price”, or “end the negotiation”
  4. Clicking “Accept price” will let the buyer to create a contract and send the contract back for signing. 

Once the price is accepted, the price is set for the order and a contract and invoice is created on the CropConex platform using the agreed price. Submitting an estimate to the buyer is the last opportunity you have to negotiate your price before it is fixed. Once the price is set, both the buyer and the seller must agree to cancel the legally binding contract. 


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