Ordered Sample Dispatching Process

Exporters will handle dispatching of requested offer or pre-shipment samples.
  1. Buyer requests either offer or pre-shipment coffee samples,
  2. CropConex Ethiopia collect offer or pre-shipment samples from exporters to:
    • Measure moisture content,
    • Assign code to the sample,
    • Register on the system, and
    • Vacuum seal.
  3. Then, the exporter handles the dispatching process in either of the following 2 ways using the address received from CropConex Ethiopia Office:
    1. If the exporter has a DHL corporate account, it will fill the DHL online form by putting CropConex Addis Office as a pickup location, then DHL personnel will collect samples and send them away; so that the exporter will be billed for the service through its corporate account. 
    2. If the exporter doesn’t have a DHL corporate account, CropConex Ethiopia will send back vacuum sealed coffee samples to the exporter. Then, the exporter will send the samples either via DHL or UPS. 
  4. After sending the samples, the exporter will share the Airway Bill Number with the CropConex Ethiopia Office.
  5. CropConex Ethiopia Office will inturn share the Airway Bill Number with the CropConex USA Office.

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