Quick Start for Exporters

Create An Account

Sign up at cropconex.app with your phone number and email

Create password and complete your profile with your company details.

Select your user role as an exporter.

Log in to your new account with your username and password.

Configure Your Shop For Sales

Upload your logo on your Company Accounts page.

Update your shop name, website, and company description in your “shop”.

Select “publish” to display your products in the aggregated global Marketplace.

Add Your Inventory

Add warehouses, washing stations, farms, or mills as Locations to your account.

Add your lots and include details about the region, processing type, supplier details, certifications.

Add samples to your lot and analyze the lot’s quality performance.

Publish Marketplace Listings

Select the lots you would like to sell from your inventory

List the lot with a title, description, region, processing, and quality characteristics

Confirm the volume available and add your price USD / lb.

Select to display the exact price or hide exact price in the marketplace (by hiding the price we will display a price range).

You listings will be reviewed by our team before publishing in the marketplace.

Still need help?

Contact our support team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.