This week CropConex focused on preparing for some exciting new feature releases, improvements, and fixes!


  • Added the ability to make your shop private
  • Sprint release notes
    • We have introduced a new way of publishing sprint release notes in
  • Release notes notification setting on / off
    • We send a release note notification to users when we publish a release note. It can be toggle on/off


  • Added default warehouse location to all new accounts
  • Updates to the analytic cards of the seller dashboard
    • In total listing views card, we defaulted the view’s timeframe to “this month” and added the two other options as “this week” and “this year”
    • In the Samples card, we changed back to the old sample card showing the list of sample orders
  • Added marketplace listings filter by harvest season
  • IAASP in-app notification of new linked order for the buyer
  • Customized the email template for coffee quiz result to make it more descriptive
  • Made name columns ellipsis in tables so that longer names don’t take space and can be fully viewed by hover
  • Hidden CropConex managed sample paragraph on listing page
  • Added volume and preferred delivery date to buyer preference quiz
  • Added green sample image links to managed lots in services account (notes field)


  • Image quality greatly improved when downloading a generated sample label image.
  • For coffee listings in list view, lot details will now show the correct lot size instead of 0 kg.

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