Signed a contract, what’s next?

After receiving estimate there are important procedures to follow.

1. Register the contract in ESW (Electronic Single Window) _ (Check out our post on how to register on ESW system here.)

2. The documents provided when registering for ESW will be reviewed and NBE (National Bank of Ethiopia) will issue a contract number.

3. Choose your preferred logistics service provider

4. Get dispatch letter from ECTA by registering on eservice

5. Move the coffee to Addis WH

6. Send and get approval for the packaging from the buyer

7. Pack the coffee and transport it to the departure location.

8. Track the shipment

To register on the EWS  it is important to have an account on ESW, fill in the contract detail in the ESW platform and attach the scanned copy of the contract on the ESW application form.

To register on E-service  its important to have the contract, warehouse agreement , and certificate of competence

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