Reset or update your password

Reset Your Password If you cannot remember your password and need to reset it: 1. Go to the Sign In page 2. Select recover password and enter your phone number or email to be sent a new password 3. Use the new temporary password to log in to your account Update Your Password 1. From […]

Handling pre-shipment samples

When pre-shipment sample is requested, the support team will contact the seller for the sample. It will be cupped by a third-party and the score will be added on the platform and will be approved. If the buyer also wants to order a pre-shipment sample, our support team will contact you Wait for the buyer […]

Handling a received price request

1. Navigate to requests from the left sidebar of the home page 2. On the request page, the sent and the received requests are listed. The list can be filtered by clicking the drop-down icon on the right side of the page. 3. Under the received requests, price requests are found. Click on the request […]

FDA Certification Process

All agricultural products entering to the USA have to be certified by the Food and Drug Administration of America.

Add Locations

Locations represent where the coffee is physically located. This can be at a farm, mill, warehouse, or in container. Locations can be divided into spaces if there is further lot segmentation.  On the homepage navigate to Inventory from the left panel  On the top menu select Location tab, found on the top right Then Press +Add location […]

Adding Samples

1. From the home page navigate to the Samples menu item 2. Click on the purple Add Sample icon located on the top right side of the page 3. Indicate the Sample Type and link to the coffee lot from your Inventory. 3. Fill out the details on the form and then click Save at […]

How does CropConex manage samples?

After creating a listing to the marketplace we require for you to give us the sample of the coffees you listed. This helps us do a verification if the coffee listed on the marketplace and the coffee your are offering are similar. We will send the sample to third-party graders and conduct a blind test […]