Managing contracts

1. On the left panel of the home page navigate to the contract  2. On the top right side of the contract page click the purple add contact icon  3. Choose the type of contract 4. Fill out the supplier/buyer details, lot information, and basic info. 5. Review that all the information filled is correct. […]

Grading request

At CropConex we work with various partners in the business. One of the various services provided through the platform is grading service. With a few easy steps, you may request grading for a lot that you registered on the platform. 1. From the home page navigate to “Samples”  2. On samples page you will find […]

What happens after sending a grading request?

When you made a grading request for the lot you have registered on your account, we will assign a grader for your request. When your request is accepted your will receive a notification on your CropConex account and on your email.  You will also be notified after the analysis is completed so you can see […]

Listing Coffee

To list and sell coffee in the marketplace first it is important to upload and verify legal documents such as a business license. In addition, making sure that there is enough stock listed on the lot is necessary.  1. Go to my shop on the home page.  2. On the top menu, select Coffee Listings  […]